8 Surefire Methods to Convey Depth

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"A visual learning marvel! Elegant words, Gorgeous images and rich with information. Loved your eBook!" ~ Kunal Shinde
8 Surefire Methods
to Convey Depth
The first in The Zen of Travel Photography E-Books series, the 8 Surefire Methods to Convey Depth is a veritable cookbook on how to go about creating the illusion of depth in your photographs.
Principles & Techniques for depicting Volumes and Spatial Relationships on a two-dimensional surface
This eBook is a tour-de-force on how to go about re-creating the illusion of depth that is inherently removed in the act of rendering images of the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional medium.
Packed with clear and concise explainations detailing methods used by artists for centuries, creative tips and tricks that can be employed both before tripping the shutter as well as in post-processing, and stunning images, the 8 Surefire Methods to Convey Depth eBook is for those who wish to take their photography to the next level.
"An uncanny ability to teach and get his message across in a very simplified way... The enthusiasm and the dedication he has rubs off easily on his audience. This is clearly evident from the book" ~ Pravin Noronha
"I love the way you have presented all the concepts, explained them so clearly, linked them together and included images that very clearly explain the concepts" ~ Peter Theobald
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"A very well researched and well presented book.  Easy to read, easier to understand.  The concept of perspective is normally not very easily understood by the layperson, but the way it is described in this ebook, I am sure that both the beginner as well as the advanced photographer will grab the methodology and technique." ~ Mihir Mishra
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