Rajasthan epitomizes India at its exotic best - swaggering moustaches, bright  turbans and sarees that explode with color, chunky jewelery... all these elements come together at the annual Pushkar Camel Fair when hordes of lavishly dressed locals converge to buy and sell their livestock.
Photography Highlights: The Pushkar Camel Fair
With its ancient walled cities, vibrant camel and livestock fairs, and wildly colorful marketplaces, Rajasthan ranks amongst one of the most exotic and most photographed regions in India. Our photography tours, workshops & expeditions to Rajasthan are designed to enable participants to capture the extraordinary history and vitality of this erstwhile "Land of Kings".
Photography Trips to The Pushkar Camel Fair & Rajasthan, India
Scheduled Group Departures to Rajasthan & The Pushkar Camel Fair: Five Stops of Light India Photography Tour & Expedition  
If you find that your dates don't coincide with our's, or, would like us to put together a custom itinerary for a photo trip to Rajasthan & The Pushkar Camel Fair, please visit the Custom Photo Tours & Workshops section of the website.
Photography Tours to The Pushkar Camel Fair  & Rajasthan, India
"Rajasthan epitomizes India at its exotic best - swaggering moustaches, bright turbans, sarees that positively explode with colour..."

"To photograph the Pushkar Camel Fair is to
photograph everybody, their uncles, aunts, dogs, cats and a couple of thousand camels... all dressed in their ceremonial best!"
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The Pushkar Camel Fair & Rajasthan, India

The state of Rajasthan emerged from the amalgamation of what was earlier twenty two feudal kingdoms, known in the British era as Rajputana. Rajasthan's fabulous forts, palaces & havelis are testimony to the riches generated by the levy of taxes on goods passing through these medevial kingdoms.
Join us this November on our bestselling Five Stops of Light India Photography Tour to Rajasthan & The Pushkar Camel Fair. Explore and photograph India at its exotic best, come back with the memories and photographs of a lifetime!
Everybody (we mean camels, of course. All twenty thousand of them!), their minders, traders and herders. The human species will be accomponied by their canketerous spouses (of both sexes) and screaming children. Dogs, cats, snakes and snake-charmers show up in a supporting role. The Pushkar Camel Fair Photography Tour will be a star-studded event, if ever there was one.
Men, women, and children dressed in their traditional and colourful best, buying and selling brilliantly adorned camels. Street performers, magicians, story-tellers, soothsayers vending their wares and services.
Children behaving like camels. Camels with attitude, and camels behaving like brats. If a camel doesn't spit, scream, kick, occasionally bite, and throw a tantrum, it ain't a camel!
Photography Highlights: Rajasthan
Colour. Dazzling, saturated colours that leap out and grab you by the throat, demanding to be photographed. Walls, headgear, cardigans, sweaters, shawls and sarees all explode with colours. And nowhere do they do so as much as they do in Rajasthan.
Opulent palaces, imposing forts, exotic markets
And now that we have your attention...
• Learn more about our scheduled photo tour to the Pushkar Camel Fair & Rajasthan. Discover the amazing plethora of photographic opportunities... click here to know more about our Pushkar Camel Fair & Rajasthan Photography Tour 2013
Reflections, The Pushkar Camel Fair
The Pushkar Camel Fair, Rajasthan
Four very dissed camels
A turban at its colourful best
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