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Our Photography Tours & Expeditions to Ladakh are designed to get you up close and personal with the land, people and the culture of this fascinating region in the Indian Himalayas. If you have a passion for travel, culture, people and landscape photography, our Ladakh Photography Tours are something you don't wish to miss.
Join us this summer as we photograph Ladakh (something we've been doing since 2004). Transport yourself to a land of unsurpassed wonder and beauty - a land that best fits the description of the fictional "Shangri-La". We'll take you back in time to experience and photograh a land that time forgot! Shangri La awaits!
"The land is so remote and the passes so high, that only the  worst of enemies or the best of friends would visit this land" - an old Ladakhi saying (and if we dare say, "those in search of a true photography adventure")
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Ladakh, India

Saddled between the Great Himalayan and  Karakoram ranges in the north-eastern part of India, lies Ladakh - The Last Shangri La.
Situated at an average height of 15000 feet above sea level, Ladakh - also known as "Little Tibet" - is essentially an extension of The Great Tibetan Plateau. Ladakh is renowned for its remote landscapes, tibetan buddhist culture, and a way of life unlike any other in India
"So I get to Ladakh [in 2004], and I go 'Veni, vedi...'. And then I pause and go 'Veni' again; I came, I saw, and I'm gonna come here again. And again!" ~ Neville Bulsara
"We went to Ladakh...and we asked this woman what was the benefit you had from solar electricity? And she thought for a minute and said 'It's the first time I can see my husband's face in winter'."
OK, now that we've perked your interest...

Photography Tours to Ladakh, India

Ladakh Essentials 2013 -  June 10th - June 22nd, 2013

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Pangong Tso, Ladakh
Doorway to a monastery, Ladakh
Religious text, Ladakh
A young monk blows on a trumpet during a festival, Ladakh
Shanti Stupa, Ladakh
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